How to Achieve a Profitable, Dependable and Long-Lasting Career in Trading
...Without Wasting Time and Money by Using
Inconsistent Strategies, Tactics or Patterns
What You'll Learn in This 2 Hour Training:
Secret #1: How to understand the ‘language’ of the markets to execute unbelievably precise trades.

Secret #2: How to develop elite-level skill in just 1-2 hours a day by using the ‘gold standard’ formula. 

Secret #3: The recipe for having a successful trading system for all market types that fits you like a glove.
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Here's What Our Members Say

Will, Australia
Duomo Method Member

"Before joining Duomo my biggest challenge was having structure and direction in my learning. I found it hard to decipher all the information out there down so that I could develop a method and strategy. Since joining I have clarity in my vision and a clear direction on how to get there."

Iry, Italy
Duomo Method Member

"The world of trading can be very overwhelming to someone new to the markets. I was very fortunate to have discovered the Duomo Method very early on in my trading journey so I was able to avoid many of the painful experiences that new traders go through."

Marco, Switzerland
Duomo Method Member

"How the Duomo Method breaks down the markets in a logical way and then leads you to pinpoint an entry that leads to a major move, is just unbelievable.
Now, my life is based around trading. "

About Nicholas Puri

Managing Director - The Duomo Initiative

Nicholas has been trading for over 10 years. He became a full-time trader in 2012; leaving his career in Wealth Management at a private bank in London. 

He went on to co-found an investment firm based in Zurich, Switzerland before going on to establish The Duomo Initiative a few years later. Duomo is focused on helping traders achieve elite-level performance in the skill of trading.

Nicholas has now taught thousands of traders around the world, including on the popular Duomo YouTube channel which now has over 130,000 subscribers.

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